Shark Shock (REG)
Shark Shock, bred by Shantibaba, was originally called Great White Shark/Peacemaker. It was bred by crossing White Widow and Skunk #1. It has tremendous resin production from which it gets the “white” part of its name. The strain has a fruity taste and carries intense stoney effects.  The plant will grow into a densely compacted white skunk with extreme aromas.  While it is Indica-dominant, its Sativa effects blend in well thanks to the Sativa influences of its parents. Shark Shock, as implied by its name, delivers a sweeping cerebral high almost instantaneously. Slowly, the dominant Indica side starts to weave its magic on the body leaving one in a state of euphoric calm.

Shark Shock Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage – White Widow, Skunk #1
Sativa / Indica Ratio – 20/80
THC % – 20 % THC
CBD % – <1 % CBD
Flowering Period – 7-8 Weeks
Average Yield – ±550 g/m²