OG Cheese (FEM)
OG CHEESE is a small and compact plant, ideal for indoor cultivation or small spaces. If you are a fan of the mythical UK CHEESE then you will like OG CHEESE as we have crossed the San Fernando Valley OG KUSH X UK EXODUS CHEESE. This crossing has brought together the best of California with the best and best known of the British market. OG CHEESE is a very interesting new hybrid with a very indica KO effect. The original UK EXODUS CHEESE mother brings the taste fruity tangerine flavor and Father KUSH putting the beat of pure Indica.

OG Cheese Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage – SFV OG KUSH X UK CHEESE
Sativa / Indica Ratio – 20/80
THC % – 15-18 % THC
CBD % – <1 % CBD
Flowering Period – 8 – 9 weeks
Average Yield – ±500 g/m²