Medicine Man (REG)
Medicine Man is the strain also known as White Rhino. It boasts very high levels of THC as well as the therapeutically valuable CBD. As White Rhino Medicine Man has won numerous cannabis awards. The high levels of THC and CBD makes this strain a popular choice when being recommended for medical issues such as headaches, migraines up to chronic pain. The bloodline of this strain stems from Brazilian, Indian and Afghani. This strain is very beautiful to look at, a wide range of greens and an occasional purple with yellow and red hairs throughout the buds. The strain has a fruity aroma, with only a slight sour hint.

Medicine Man Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage – Brazilian sativa / South Indian indica x Afghani
Sativa / Indica Ratio – 20/80
THC % – 23 % THC
CBD % – 1 % CBD
Flowering Period – 8-10 weeks
Average Yield – ±600 g/m²