Black Widow (REG)
Black Widow is better known by its other name – White Widow. Upon its release in 1994 it won numerous admirers and the very next year was awarded the 1st. Prize in the High Times Cannabis Cup. Black Widow is the product of a cross between a Brazilian sativa with a hybrid from South India.. This strain in known to give a buzzy head high with relaxing effects. The strain has a mostly fruity smell but can have a hint of skunk. This strain is extremely potent, so if you think you have a high thc tolerance you do not. Medically this strain can help with muscle spasms, stress and physical pain.

Black Widow Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage – Brazilian sativa x South Indian Indica
Sativa / Indica Ratio – 40/60
THC % – 20 % THC
CBD % – <1 % CBD
Flowering Period – 8-10 Weeks
Average Yield – ±400 g/m²