Auto Super Skunk (FEM)
Auto Super Skunk is a quite rare indica dominant hybrid, created from Skunk #1, Afghani hash plant and an unknown ruderalis. The effects of this strain will leave you feeling super hazy and euphoric. As time passes this strain will slowly start to leave you feeling super dazed and stoned and lazy. The buds smell sweet skunky and has hints of pungent spicy herbs on each sourish exhale. The buds are super heavy and dense, minty green coloured with long thick orange pistils coated in a thick super sticky layer of trichomes.

Auto Super Skunk Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage – Skunk #1 x Afghani Hash plant x a ruderalis
Sativa / Indica Ratio – 20/80
THC % – 14-18 % THC
CBD % – % CBD
Flowering Period – 9-10 weeks
Average Yield – unknown