Auto Brooklyn Mango (FEM)
The absolutely stunning large trichome covered buds with many amber pistils are super potent, with a level or 21% thc on average but sometimes going a lt higher than that. The strain produces a sweet mango taste with a slight diesel aftertaste or side taste. Breaking the nugs apart you’ll get a strong earthy smell. This strain is a true hybrid, and is perfect for literally any time of the day. The high you get is quite relaxing to your body but also relaxes your mind. It helps with depression, anxiety, stress and sleeping problems.

Auto Brooklyn Mango Quick Facts
Genetic Lineage – NYC Diesel x Ed Rosenthal Super Bud
Sativa / Indica Ratio – 10/90
THC % – 21 % THC
CBD % – 0 % CBD
Flowering Period – 11 weeks
Average Yield – unknown