7.5 x 10 cm Resealable Mylar Bags Foil Pouch Bag Flat Bag.

Product Details

  • RESEALABLE SEALING STRIP: The mylar bags feature a sealing strip to keep water and moisture dust or any odors out when sealed, and the sealing strip is very tight, you will never question whether the mylar bags are open or closed.
  • LONG TIME FOOD STORAGE: The smell-proof bags is mylar and foil material, which means your food stays fresher for longer than a regular mylar bag. Smell proof pouch is suitable for packing, storing, shipping, sampling, and sorting.
  • PRACTICAL: These mylar bags for food storage can store coffee, candy, seeds, nuts, dried fruit, dried flowers, powder, medicine, herbs, spices, and much more.
  • HEAT-SEALABLE: The resealable mylar bags can be heat sealable, double-sided heat seal bags. The mylar bags will work with various food sealer machines for extra protection.
  • SIZE: Outer size is approx 7.5 x 10 cm, inner size is approx 6.5 x 7 cm, you will get 100 pcs resealable smell proof bags.
  • Various colours and sizes available at request.